toe zone foot care
toe zone foot care
toe zone foot care
common foot problems

FUNGUS :- Fungal infections of the feet are extremely common and can affect both the skin and the nails. Footwear provides the ideal environment of moisture and warmth. Symptoms may include itchy, red raw-looking skin. If the nails are affected they will become thickened, brittle and yellowish-brown in colour.

Katherine will be able to diagnose a fungal infection and provide an anti-fungal cream for you to use at home.

Fungal toe nails are more difficult to clear but regular treatments at Toe Zone would greatly improve the appearance of the nail and aid it's recovery. Occasionally tablets may be required on prescription from your G.P.

CHILBLAINS :- Chilblains are caused by the skins abnormal reaction to cold. If the skin is chilled, and is then followed by too rapid warming, chilblains may result. They appear as small, itchy red swellings on the skin, which can become increasingly painful.

To help prevent chilblains keep your body, legs and feet warm especially if your circulation is poor and your mobility is limited. If you have don't scratch them as this could break the skin and leave it susceptible to infection.

If Katherine diagnoses chilblains she'll be able to advise you of various medicaments to help with the discomfort and to retain heat in the foot.

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