toe zone foot care
toe zone foot care
toe zone foot care
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If you want to give your feet a real treat, after all the cutting, trimming and filing Katherine has done finish your treatment with a luxury nail colour.

A moisturising cuticle cream will be applied and then 2 coats of nail enamel from a selection at Toe Zone, or if you prefer, you may bring your favourite nail colour from home and Katherine will be happy to apply it for you. A hard wearing top coat will be applied to keep your toes looking perfect for as long as possible.

If you choose to have a polish it is advisable to bring some flip flops to wear so as not to smudge your nail colour.

By finishing off your treatment with a polish your feet will look thoroughly well groomed and cared for.

A visit to Toe Zone will improve the condition of your skin and nails and provide you with a relaxing experience.

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